“I’ve found the perfect school for my son – but they have a waiting list. What do I do.” This is one of the most common questions we receive on MassachusettsPreschools.org but our answer is far from adequate. Sure we all wish we had found the perfect school earlier but the reality is that at this time of the year many of the best schools are full or nearing full. We can offer this advice:

  1. Be persistent. Openings often become available in the summer as plans change and students shuffle from their second choice school to their first choice. Call every week to check. Be nice – but persistent.
  2. Let the school director and teachers know that their school is the “perfect” fit for your child. The reality is that waiting lists at many preschools and kindergartens are not formal “first-come, first-serve lists”. Its not fair – but teachers often influence the choice of how to fill openings by selecting children that will benefit most from their program.
  3. Do not attempt to “buy your way in”. Any preschool or kindergarten that accepts a donation in return for admission is simply put – unethical. This demonstrates a lack of principles that your child will someday find themselves on the wrong side of.
  4. As for a commitment to be told if any openings become available after the school year begins. After classes start, teachers often forget about filling openings. You need to remind them that your child is waiting.
  5. Speak with the director of the programs and ask for a recommendation for an alternative preschool or kindergarten program. High quality preschool directors tend to know each other and have relationships that can work in your favor. High quality preschools are less interested in competition and more focused on cooperation to benefit children.
  6. Did we mention – call every week – all summer long!